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Jonathan J. Rhoades D.M.D., M.S.

Cape Girardeau, MO


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Patient Testimonials

Everyone in your office has been wonderful! I highly recommend Dr. Rhoades to anyone in need of a root canal, the work he did for me was great and pain-free. I could not have asked for a better experience.

D. Sanders

My experiences with Cape Endodontics, (Dr. Jonathan Rhoades and staff) was one of the best experiences I've had with dental procedures. My procedures were done in a professional, painless environment. The staff was caring, and I was always informed about was being done! 

Dianne Meyr

Hello, Amber from Cape Endodontics! My tooth is doing fine. Felt it a little bit the day after, but no pain.


I have dentist phobia. Crowded teeth when I was little and went to the same dentist that my mom went to in the late 50s! (Not sure if he used the same tools 30 years later, but it was horrible) Busted several teeth, years later, on asphalt. Braces as a young man in Nashville. Multiple extractions, skin graph, big chains. Since then, I’ve had root canals, extractions, and deep cleanings that were horrific. I wasn’t thrilled to come to see you. But, I wanted to let you folks know that you were the best dental experience that I’ve ever had.  Very nice people. Explained everything. Put me at ease. Virtually painless. I caught myself tapping along with Bob Seger (with additional serenading) while I was being worked on. That’s never happened. I wanted to tell you that day but I was numb and had to get back to work. I appreciate you all and how you took care of me.

Marty V.

Thank y’all for the most awesome attention and professional dentistry!

James C.

Thanks for taking such good care of me. I appreciated the friendly atmosphere in your place and the weekly calls to check on me.

M. Brooks

I wanted to send a note and let you know how much I appreciate your treatment and care when I had my two root canals.  Your compassion and dedication to making my experience as painless as possible was greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Tim S.

Thank you for putting me at ease on a dreaded procedure.   Previous experiences were horrible.  I have a high tolerance to pain, but I never wanted to go through with another root canal. You worked very professionally explaining every detail,  assured me I would not have any pain.  The music,  vibrating recliner and your singing showed how relaxed you were in your  work, which help me relax.   This being said, “you can never retire.”   LOL….incase I need another root canal.   I have always tried to keep every tooth in good repair.  Amber and Robin were friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable.  A great team.

Thank you for the  letter explaining procedure, easier to explain to husband Fred.

Dorothy Turner

Everyone was great. I also like the Doctor sings all while doing the procedure it was calming. Thank you.

Judy Wilde

I thank you and your staff for making my appointments in your office a “pleasant” experience.

Debbie B.

Thank you so much.  I love the singing dentist and endodontist, made it a great experience.  Really, I appreciate it. 

Sandy M.

Going into this for the first root canal I was very nervous. My wife had a previous experience that was quite painful several years ago. So I wasn’t very excited. I would not mislead anyone. This procedure was pain FREE  totally. I think the staff for the follow up every week and concern. I also think Dr. Rhoades for his kindness, explaining each step he was about to do. And most of all his knowledge and experience. Thank you all. I have already recommended your office to several of my friends. Thanks again.

Garry Bland

I've always heard root canals were scary, but today was the most pleasant dentist experience I have ever had.  It was less painful than a filling!!  Also, staff is so friendly!  Dr. Rhoades was very professional, friendly, and great at what he does.  I will recommend Cape Endodontics to everyone!  Super impressed :)  Thank you for your wonderful service.  Very satisfied patient!!

Ashley Stearns

I recently had to have a tooth abscess treated through Dr. Rhoades. I had an infection where I had previously had two root canals done. Dr. Rhoades was very thorough in our consultation meeting and explained everything that he was going to do at a very easy-to-understand way. The day of my actual treatment was honestly the best experience I had in regards to dental work (As a child I accidentally pulled out my front left adult tooth and have had numerous procedures along with 4 root canals). The most discomfort was the numbing part, which wasn’t even that bad because of the topical anesthetic he uses. My reasons you should go to Dr. Rhoades for any Endodontic work include: #1 The staff are including the secretary, assistants, and Dr. Rhoades were amazing. #2 The experience next to no discomfort throughout the procedure, or after the procedure. #3 The chair the use for procedures has a back massager (yes, you read that right. I actually at one point fell asleep and snored myself awake). Thank you Cape Endodontics for your help and superior patient care!!

Jake Wren, BSN, RN, CCRN

I had the need for a root canal recently and Dr. Jonathan J. Rhoades took very good care of me during the entire procedure. I followed his recommendations on pain control and did not have any unnecessary suffering caused by the procedure. His staff was extremely considerate and friendly and the back massage chair was wonderful! I also liked the music that played during my visits, even some of Dr. Rhoades sing alongs! If I ever need another root canal, Cape Endodontics is where I will go.

Chuck Roberts

Thank you so much for your wonderful care this afternoon.  Never have I even been this relaxed at a doctor’s appt, much less a dentist appt.  The thoroughness of care and explaining every step of the procedure made the experience a pleasant one.  I will most definitely pass the word and recommend those in need of your care, and refer them to your office!  Thank you so much!!

Deb Seabaugh

Dr. Rhoades performed a root canal on one of my upper teeth.  Going in, I was scared with great anxiety. Because of Dr. Rhoades' confidence, I felt relaxed.  He was quick with his work.  I was in and out within a hour. Afterward, there was very little pain, because Dr. Rhodes gave me complete instructions on how to take medications.

Ricky Powell

When I was a kid my brother had a root canal and it's still the stuff of family legend- a horror, to hear him tell it.  My own referral for the procedure came this November and, I'll admit, I wasn't looking forward to it.  I can honestly say, though, that Dr. Rhoades made it a piece of cake.  I've never liked injections (who does?) but he made them practically unnoticeable.  The only uncomfortable part of the whole procedure was just lying on my back for two hours with my mouth open.  Great folks here and nothing to be worried about.

My daughter is in dental school, and I told her she should have Dr. Jon teach her to give injections!

Ryan VanWinkle

Thank you for your excellent care and procedure that you performed on me earlier today. Thank you for your expertise and care you graciously gave me.

Rev. Dr. Kim Nelson

Cape Endodontics personnel are professional and personable.  I felt I got the absolute best care from Dr. Rhoades and his staff.  I was made very comfortable with proper medication, music, and even a vibrating chair.  I had the steps of the procedure thoroughly explained to me, and had weekly calls from the office checking on how I was doing.  I am so glad my dentist referred me to Cape Endodontics.  I feel I received the best care and would recommend Dr. Jon Rhoades and his staff to anyone needing endodontic treatment. 

Patsy Paulus

Recently, I visited your office in need of having a root canal performed.  It was not something I was looking forward to.  However, thanks to your expertise and the attention of your fine staff during and after the actual procedure I experienced little to no pain or discomfort.  Thanks to all of you, when it comes to having to experience some of the more unpleasant things in life, I can truthfully say, "I'd rather have a root canal!"

Karla Marquart

Who knew that a root canal could be pain-free!?! It may be the expertly placed injections, the vibrating spa-like chair OR it could be an amiable doc who hums and sings to country music as he works. Two visits, two mirrored experiences. I went back to work afterward both times and only experienced mild pain at the injection sites on the days he worked on my tooth….the following days were completely pain free. Dr. Rhoades and his staff kept me comfortable and talked me through each movement and procedure. Understanding and reassurance goes a long way when  you’re in the dentist’s chair! If there is a need, I will definitely return and recommend his office and services very highly.

Megan Hampton

Lovely office and no-pain root canal.  One cannot beat that! Thank you all for such an efficient job well done.

Beth Mapes

I had a root canal...which, btw, wasn’t all that bad, considering I had an awesome nurse and a very nostalgic singing Dr.  J, Plus another wonderful person to hold my hand....J thank you all for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry pleasant experience!!  You’re all awesome!! 

Elta Cattoor

I want to take this opportunity to reflect upon the superb care I received during the course of my endodontic procedure at your office.

Dr. Rhoades and his staff were quite personable and made the entire experience for me as painless and gentle as possible.  Support staff attention was exceptional with their pre-office telephone contacts and subsequent follow-up calls to check on my recovery progress. During my procedures, Dr. Rhoades serenaded us all with his melodic renditions of my radio choice ‘oldies, but goodies’; this was a nice touch to keep the mood light as well as distract me from the noise of the equipment. In addition, the easy ebb and flow of communication between Dr. Rhoades and his Assistant kept the work pace brisk thus allowing me less ‘time in chair’.

I am thankful to Dr. Rhoades and his staff for the comfort, care and healing that I have experienced from their skilled hands and will refer anyone I know in need of endodontic consults/treatments to them!

G. Elaine Beussink, MA CCC/SLP

I highly recommend Cape Endodontics. The office is run in a professional, friendly and efficient manner.  The exam was thorough, my diagnosis was explained in detail and all of my questions were answered. I left feeling confident that I was taking the right course of treatment for my tooth. 

Nancy T.

This was my second appointment at this office.  Both were an upbeat experience. Loved the atmosphere.  Had a root canal.  And, as promised it was handled with utmost professional and pain free treatment.  Believe it or not, it was a very pleasant time.  Would recommend this office to everyone. 

Terry Githens

Everyone was awesome. I thank each one of you. I will recommend your services to anyone in need caring professional staff.

Sydney and Chauncy Buchheit

Doctor Rhoades and his staff were very friendly and enjoyable to be around.  Doctor Rhoades explained the procedure so that I knew exactly what was going to be done. During the procedure they worked swiftly and precisely to reach the end results.  I was called weekly at my home by the office staff to check on my progress.  I would recommend Doctor Rhoades and his staff to anyone in need of his expertise.  A JOB WELL DONE!!!

Wayne Johnson

From the clean, comfortable office, friendly staff, and obviously skilled practitioner, to the phone calls to check on me, to the feeling of being really well cared for at a difficult time (I had a VERY painful infection), this was about as good an experience as you can get in health care. You guys are awesome!

Susan Kemp

Although I have worked in the dental field for years, I still entered Dr. Rhoades' office like a deer in the headlightsa bit apprehensive! But since I was in pain, I was ready to sit for the procedure despite my TMJ issues.  A few minutes into the appointment, my fears were eased.  They were kind and patient, explaining every step.  The injection was painless, and my "bite buddy" held my mouth open so comfortably I didn't even think my mouth was open wide enough for the procedure.  Dr. Rhoades and his staff were professional and competent.  I am now pain free and VERY grateful to all at Cape Endo!

P.S. Dr. Rhoades knows all the words to the songs on the radio and there is no extra charge for the great entertainment!  Kept me distracted!

Lana Cook

Forget the dreaded stories of root canals. From the friendly staff, thorough explanations of the procedure before and after, the check up calls and most importantly the very minimal discomfort I would highly recommend Dr Rhoades and Cape Endodontics to anyone needing this procedure.  I appreciate all the excellent care received.

Mary Ann Lumsden

The team of Dr Jon, his wife Robyn, and Amber is a fantastic  combination!  All three are so friendly, personable, and knowledgeable in their profession, it is only natural to feel at ease and comfortable during your appointment.  I will recommend Cape Endodontics to anyone needing dental treatment.  THEY ARE FREAKING AMAZING-and if I didn’t work, I would just go hang out with them all day!!!!!  

LaRae Long

Many thanks for an outstanding job on Number 2 (do I sound like a dentist?).  The treatment and procedure by you and your staff was excellent.  I have my new crown. There is a huge difference when it comes to endodontics and it is important for people to understand why they need your level of expertise.  You are the right doctor and endodontics is the right choice.  

Mike Smythe

Dr. Rhoades and his staff are truly professionals.  Their service and attention to every step of my procedure completely put me at ease.  The entire staff showed an enormous amount of compassion and care.  I would highly recommend Dr. Rhoades to my family and friends.

He even sang my favorite tunes as he worked on me!

Thank you for taking such good care of me!

Camilla Sides

I would recommend Dr. Rhoades to anyone having a root canal. Dr. Rhoades and Robyn explained everything to you before he started the process and really make you feel at ease with it all. They make you feel so comfortable and they are very compassionate about their patients.  

Debbie Schemel

Jonathan Rhoades and his staff provide the friendliest and most family oriented atmosphere I have ever experienced at any dental office.  Their immediate concern for you as the patient, their ability to take the time to make you feel comfortable, to answer all of your questions, and even to explain the procedure as it is being performed, helped me to feel relaxed and confident in their technical abilities.  They took excellent care of me and I could not have been more satisfied with the outcome.  I recommend Cape Endodontics to anyone who has need of this service.

Keith Blechle

My experience having a two-part root canal at Cape Endodontics has been an excellent one.  I previously had several root canals done both locally and in St. Louis before Dr. Rhoades opened his practice here.  There is no comparing my past experiences with my two visits in his office.  These visits were by far the easiest and most pain-free with no complications at all.  From my first phone call to Amber to the procedures done by Dr. Rhoades and Robyn, everything was done very professionally and politely and I have been telling everybody I know.  I hope this practice remains in Cape a long time.

Deanna F.

If you ever have the need for endodontic care, Cape Endodontics, LLC is the place to go.  I was totally impressed with the entire process.  Everyone was super friendly and made sure that I understood each and every step that  would take place to determine what treatment was needed and how it would be done.  Everything was explained in detail and there was even a phone call the next day to check on me.  Yes, this is one doctor that no one really wants to go to but if you must, this is the place to go. 

Vickie Griffin

Dr. Rhoades and his staff provided an exceptional experience for me during my visits.  They were extremely friendly and conscientious of my "dental phobia"!  The visits were efficient, professional, and personable and did not end at the end of the procedure-they continued on even 6 months later for follow up.  I experienced ZERO pain, and was eased by the communication with me during the procedure.  I would highly recommend Cape Endodontics!!

Pam Groshong

I was NOT looking forward to re-doing a very old root canal; but the staff at Cape Endodontics put me at ease with friendly talk and Dr. Rhoades did an excellent job at showing me what I had going on and explaining the new process.  What a deal to see the digital xrays pop up almost immediately to view on a flat screen!  It's so nice to actually see what was done on any visit and even compare where I am today with a huge amount of healing from the excellent repairs and correction done by Dr. Rhoades and his staff.  We all had some good discussions and listened to some good music, while the extensive, micro-dentistry work was being done!  Thanks to everyone for a job well done and a great atmosphere of service to customers.

Denis Rigdon

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Dr. Rhoades and his staff to you for treatment.  As a patient of Dr. Rhoades, I was comfortable both during and after my procedure and I felt I was in professional hands at all times.

S. Charles Balsamo, D.D.S.

It occurs to me that most people tend to fear the unknown, therefore, that was my feeling when I was sent to Cape Endodontics to finish my root canal.  My fears were soon subdued by Miss Amber when I walked through the door to begin my treatment.  It was not long before my anticipation completely vanished after meeting Robyn and Jon.  As the procedure began, the communication between the two was a learning process for this patient.  I began to feel more comfortable with each step of the process and also noticed that my death grip on the chair arms began to ease up and my fingers were soon tapping along in time with Jon's musically talented voice.  The rapport between the two of them is like watching a well-oiled machine at work.  I can truthfully tell anyone who is going to have a procedure done at Cape Endodontics that it will be a positive experience.  Oh yes, and ask for the Classic Vinyl station.  It keeps everyone happy!  Thanks Cape Endodontics crew for letting me share my time with you.

Sharon Sink

I cannot imagine another endodontist who could provide such excellent care as Dr. Rhoades did to  me.  He was very friendly and easy to talk to.  He explained in great detail what was wrong with my tooth and what exactly was needed to be done.  He did the root canal work painlessly, and with superb skill.  He was equipped with the state of the art tools.  After the procedure, he had me come back three times for follow-up check-up for no extra cost.  His staff is very friendly and exceptionally talented.  His fees were extremely reasonable.  The whole experience of dealing with Dr. Rhoades and his staff was wonderful.  I thank my personal dentist for referring me to him.  I recommend without any reservation Dr. Rhoades to all those scared stiff patients who need endodontic work.

K. P. S. Kamath, M.D.

Simply the best office visit I've ever had.  Courteous, respectful, and most of all-informative.  Jon needs to teach all prospective dentists the art of conversation.....[I wish] I had someone like him earlier in my life.  Again, easily the best experience i've had in a Doctor's office! 

Thank you! Jan

P.S.  Robyn and Amber highly contributed to this positive experience-great teamwork, from an "old coach".

Jan Dishinger

To any perspective client of Cape Endodontics:  My personal evaluation:

On a scale of 1-10:
     Doctor Jon's and his office employee's-attitude and personal attention:12
     For THE most PAINLESS and efficient root canal ever: 12 
          (I dozed off with the first procedure)
     Follow up phone calls, not just 'a' call: 12
     High Tech, state of the art equipment: 12

Rest assured you will be as pleased with your endodontic visits to Dr. Jon Rhoades office as I was.

Thank you Dr. Jon and staff.

(From one who 'really' dislikes being in any dental chair :)

Carol Messmer

This was my first root canal at Cape Endodontics, and I found this experience much easier than I ever dreamed.  Usually, I am afraid and not comfortable in the dental chair, but I found Dr. Rhoades and his staff to be most professional and very considerate of their patient's comfort.  Their follow-up calls to check on my well-being were above and beyond the call of duty, and I would not hesitate to use their professional skills again if ever needed.

Jim Berry

My visit to your office was the most comfortable root canal I ever had!  My daughter-in-law had to have the same procedure done right after I did and is still shaking.  She did not know about you.  She sure does now!  You and your wife were so caring and made me feel relaxed and confident--especially the "music"-- I loved it !!!  I felt like i just had some new friends.  Thanks.

Helen Hiett

I dread having my teeth worked on.  However, when you can't chew on one side of your mouth becase of a bad tooth the choice is very simple.  I have had the opportunity to visit Dr. Rhoades office twice.  From the very moment I walked in the door, Amber greeted me with a warm smile.  Then once I was in the chair, Robyn took control.  She explained what was going to happen with the procedure.  Very thorough and i truly believes she loves what she does!  She made me feel at ease and talked to me as a person, not just as a number.  The equipment that Dr. Rhoades uses is very advanced and up to date.  I am amazed at how clear the xrays are.  Good tools produce good results.  I leave the best for last.  Dr. Rhoades.  If you have a problem with a middle aged man who listens to classic rock humming in your ear while he is working you may want to look elsewhere!  Actually all kidding aside, Dr. Rhoades is very professional.  I felt zero pain while the procedure was being performed.  The music was soothing (I like classic rock) and Dr. Rhoades and Robyn work as a well oiled machine.  Believe it or not, I actually looked forward to my second visit.  Everything went smooth and I was in and out in about an hour.  The good news is I have no pain left in my tooth.  I can chew again!  Thanks guys and if I have to have a root canal in the future, I will definitely visit Dr. Rhoades!

Robert MacGillivray

Everyone was just wonderful and so very nice.  The procedure itself was not painful at all and was made so much easier by Robyn and Dr. Jon.  I would recommend them to anyone needing this done.  I was in a lot of pain when I came to them and they helped me.  Thanks Dr. Jon, Robyn, and Amber.

Susan Chadd

Nobody really looks forward to going to the dentist or a doctor of any kind as far as that matters, but I told my family from the moment I got home that this was truly a remarkable experience.  From the moment I arrived the staff made me extremely comfortable and the care and compassion that Dr. Rhoades and team demonstrated was just over the top.  I would highly recommend them for any Endodontics needs. 

Zach Strong

I'm so glad I was referred to Cape Endodontics for my root canal procedure.  Dr. Rhoades explained everything thoroughly and went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable.  He and Robyn are both so friendly!  I'm glad to have them here in Cape!

Christy Scott

I was having such bad pain in one of my teeth, I almost went to the hospital one night, but the next day I called Dr. Rhoades on his day off and left a message.  Shortly after, not expecting a call back, his wife called me and immediately made an appointment for me.  Every rumor I've heard, was that a root canal is very painful, but, I'm here to tell it wasn't at all.  I actually fell asleep and was snoring a little.  I would recommend Dr. Rhoades and his staff anytime, they are very friendly and very professional.  No pain, no more!

Mark Mueller

No one wants to have a root canal.  But if you must have such a procedure, Cape Endodontics is the place to go.  Dr. Jonathan Rhoades and his staff are caring, compassionate, and just down-right friendly.  They also are extremely skilled in what they do.  And they explain to you every step in the process.  I wouldn't hesitate to seek their professional services again.

Mark Bliss

I just want to say that the Rhoades "Team" are awesome.  I had a root canal done, and they made it so easy to get done.  I enjoyed the office personel and Dr. Rhoades himself.  I couldn't get over how well they took care of me and how relaxing the visit was.  I heard that root canals were the worst, but to be honest, I thought it was very easy.  I believe that Dr. Rhoades and his staff made it wonderful.  Thanks so much for making it simple.

Anna Sander

Where would we begin to explain how pleased we are with Dr. Rhoades...not only are he and his staff equipped with the most "up to date," modern technology, but the professionalism is simply outstanding!  If it wasn't for Dr. Rhoades expertise my husband would have lost a valuable tooth...teeth have a way of being irreplaceable!  The Cape Girardeau area should be very proud to have access to Cape Endodontics...we are so very glad they moved here!

Allen and Debbie Jennings

I have to say it is never a good day when you have a tooth issue, however if I ever need a specialist again it will be Dr. Jon!  I was pleased with the work he performed and I will add his singing and song selection wasn't bad to the ear!  Jon, you and Robyn are Cool, keep doing what you're doing, it's Great Work!  Thanks so much!

Monty Keesee

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Rhoades and his staff for the awesome care and treatment I recently received in their office.  I am one who hates going to the dentist and just made myself sick over having to have a root canal.  Dr. Rhoades and his staff made it seem like a trip to the mall for me.  The shots that were given were not felt at all, my first trip I was sore for a couple of days just from having my mouth propped open and from where the shots were administered.  My second trip I received the same shots and did not have any pain afterwards.  This was the best dental experience I have ever had and I highly recommend your office.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Donna McClard

My association wiht Cape Endodontics began following a bad experience with another endodontist.  As a result, I was a bit anxious when I first visited Dr. Rhoades shortly after he began his practice in Cape Girardeau.  He and his wife understood my anxiety and treated me with great personal care and compassion.  I was soon at ease, and my procedure was completed in two visits.  Almost a year later they continue to monitor my progress at no further cost.  The level of care at Cape Endodontics far surpassed my expectations, and I highly recommend Dr. and Mrs. Rhoades and their support staff to anyone in need of their services.

Linda Kellams

Anytime you can walk away from a root canal and say you had a pleasant experience is a good day.  I will be going back to Dr. Rhoades for any future root canals.

Robert Eckelmann

Dr. Rhoades and his staff work so hard to make their patients comfortable!  Robyn explained every step during the exam, and that really relaxed me.  The positive attitude of everyone involved reassured me!  Dr. Rhoades gently performed the examination of the injured tooth, and explained my prognosis and choices.  I would recommend Dr. Rhoades without any hesitation.

MaryAnn Robertson